Main Building

Christian Central Academy moved to the former public Academy Street School at 39 Academy Street in the village of Williamsville in 1981. (见我们的 遗产 page for more details). This Main Building houses administrative offices, 教室, 计算机实验室, physical education changing rooms, 音乐套件, and an auditorium, 辅助健身, 自助餐厅, library and maintenance center.

Lan Wong and Deborah Chung Center for Science and Arts

CCA’s campus expanded in 2006 with the opening of the Center for Science and Art at 5830 Main Street (immediately across School Street from the Main Building). This building houses additional offices, 教室, and laboratory spaces including:

  • 威廉G号. Young Memorial 图书馆 (高中 图书馆/Lounge)
  • 乔治C号. Weydman, III Suite for Art
  • 阀杆/ STREAMM Lab (opened in 2017)

Emmanuel Athletic Facility (EAF)

2004 launched a new chapter in the history of CCA 正规网赌软件下载 with the construction of the long-awaited Emmanuel Athletic Facility – the new home for the CCA Crusaders sports teams! 1美元.6 million project was funded totally by private donations. In addition to the new gymnasium, the EAF includes athletic offices, 卫生间, and a new Wellness Center. 的 Wellness Center became a reality in 2007 by the generous donations of parents and is available for students, 教师 and 工作人员. 看到我们的 正规网赌软件下载 page for more information.

Auxiliary Buildings

Starting in 2005, CCA began adding neighboring houses to it’s campus for various purposes such as additional 工作人员 offices, International Student Program residences, and a Head of School 住宅.

Campus Grounds

CCA’s grounds include 2 parking lots, a soccer field and multi-purpose court, and 的 Kurt A. DeWitt Memorial Playground. This playground came into being in 1998 as a result of the generous gifts of many friends and family in memory of Kurt DeWitt who was killed in 1997 by a drunk driver. He was the son of Mr. 和夫人. Richard and Marvel De Witt. 夫人. DeWitt was a longtime Kindergarten teacher at CCA. Kurt had a unique gift of encouragement and was loved by children. 的 playground was renovated in 2018 with funding from a generous donor.


Christian Central Academy takes the safety of our students, 教师, and 工作人员 very seriously and has established the following safety procedures:

  • CCA has a Registered Nurse on campus when classes are in session. Professional Registered Nurses are not on duty after school hours, but all members of the coaching 工作人员 are also trained in first aid/CPR/AED according to State guidelines. CCA has two AEDs on campus.
  • 的 school has written policies and the nurses follow professional guidelines in dealing with diseases and illnesses. 的re is a protocol in place for reportable illnesses, and the school adheres to laws regarding privacy of medical information.
  • 的 school has emergency exit plans. Fire and lock-down drills are conducted on a regular basis.
  • 的 Amherst Police Department is partners with CCA: the police department’s Safety Education Officer works with CCA’s leadership to train its employees and schedules a team of officers to participate in all lock-down and shelter-in-place drills.
  • CCA’s Athletic Department has a well-developed program of safety precautions including pro-active injury prevention. 的 athletic facilities, particularly the gym, are always adequately supervised.
  • Safety measures are taken to secure and monitor the buildings.